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About Cusco.
Is located at sourhtern part of tha Andes mountain range, perched at 3390m./12112ft of altitude.
About Culture.
You must know that along all Cusco region including saqsayhuman Archaeological Park (it means the surroundings of Cusco) are spread many of archaeological places. As shrines, walls, sacred rocks (huacas), ceremonial places.  
The matter of problem is that many of the best climbing routes, are located close or even into archaeological areas, remains of the great Inca Culture with huge Cultural and historical value, so the institution in charge or archaeological places in Peru is the Ministry of Culture that give laws as “the general law of cultural patrimony of nation Nº 28296”, puts guards and advises forbidding rock climbing and other outdoor activities into archaeological places. If they found you climbing, they will command you to go away.
actually the next routes were shut: the school, nomos, la garganta, el balcon del diablo. La curva. Zona x, because proximity to archaeological places and new excavations now climbing in those areas developed in clandestinely.
If you climb in the surroundings of cusco I recommend:
  • Respect the environment.
  • Preferably be accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • Never climb next or in archaeological areas.
  • Chose isolated climbing routes.
  • Use Crash pads.
  • Use tapes and rings for anchors.
  • Use camming devices and nuts.
  • Never use drills, or try to set bolts.
  • Avoid to use nails.
About Weather.
the dry season, last from may to october with sunny days, cold nigths and infrequent rains, perfect for any kind of outdoor activities. the rainy season last from from November to April there can be days of rain followed by 2 o 3 days of good weather.
During the year temperatures may fluctuate from 66ºf/19ºC during day. at night 41ºf/5ºC, but in June and July the average temperature at night reach 14ºf/-10ºC.

About Lenguages.
Peru´s official languages are Spanish (wich 80% of the population speaks), Qechua (mainly in Andean and highland regions).