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Canyoning Paullo II

Posted: by EFREN LOPEZ in Labels:

The first three weekends of July, Two members of our team, (Efren Lopez and Ronald Miranda.) explored the lower part of Paullo canyon. First we decided to explore the upper right side of canyon and check possible access, anchorage points for abseils, gaps, escapes and the route´s exit, then we got into the canyon.

The lower part begins at 3100mtrs and ends at 3000mtrs, it means a slope of 100mtrs approximately until bottom of the canyon that involve challenging rapelings, cut in sandstone with some deep sections, it has an average difficulty with a moderate water flow, several abseils, small pools, water slides, small edges, rock hoping. Undoubtedly one of the best canyoning experiences in the region. Located into the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

to reach the canyoning from village the access takes about 40 min going up by the left side of the canyon. located over 3100 mtrs, there is the first access, the canyoning. the route start with a 10 mtrs abseil until the to the top of the first waterfall of 20 mtr, them after a very deep slot, the route continue for 12mtrs downclimbing  followed by a cascade of 8 mtrs with a small pool, a little further on the right side is the first escape of the canyon, the route continues for another small waterfall 10 mtrs, there exists another escape to the rightside, the last part is a 30 mtrs abseil through a series of waterfalls, route ends on a small pool after a cave. the route has mostly natural anchors for abseil along the way down such as rocks and trees.

It is important to mention for participate in a canyoning expedition a fundamental requirement is to take the proper equipment for this activity ie.. ropes, safety lines, helmets, harnesses, wetsuits, dry bags, adequate shoes etc
The abseil skills and rope work are definitely required, during a canyoning expedition, overcome OBSTACLES while descending a rope in a very, wet and slippery environment is common issue.
The water temperature into the canyon range between 15ºc to 19ºc, the use of thermic suit is mandatory requirement to avoid hypothermia.
The geography of the gorge and the water volume may change during the rainy season , (it last from December to April), which increases the difficulty level and change canyoning access, abseils, escapes and exit, it is always advisable to make the trip with guides who know the terrain and its features.

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