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Rappelling - Abseiling Ccorca.

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Rappelling or Abseiling is the act of lowering oneself by a controlled descent by a rope in a vertical surface. It is actually considered a climbing skill that every climber should learn or a technique instead of a sport.
Under the right conditions with a guide instructor, the use of ropework, anchors, climbing ropes and safety gear as helmet, arnes, descender, safety knots, carabiners. Is a very safe activity, and can be done by anyone in good shape (physical condition). although
Abseiling can be a dangerous activity, especially for inexperienced or unsupervised people
A good place that I recommend for the practice of rappelling close to cusco city is Ccorca village, hidden into the mountains at west area of Cusco approximately at 25 km and 45 min by car, surrounded by a rocky landscape.
The sandstone cliffs and red rock formations of Tecsecocha are perfect for the practice of rappelling, this area is a photographer's dream, and the ancient Ccorca etnic group  mural painting will amaze you with their detail and history. They visited this area from approximately 300 B.C. to 1150 A.D. most likely for hunting, food gathering and religious ceremonies.
Your visit to Ccorca should include hiking, viewing of the mural painting, and Rappelling at sandstone cliffs. The rappelling is some of the best in the area, and is great for both beginners and experienced Rappellers. You will get 2 Rappels, ranging from 60-100 mtrs that you can chose according to your skills.

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Apu Picol Mountain Scrambling

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let's start defining what scrambling is, this activity is an off trail trip with the objetive of ascent  a mountain of easy acces through ridges, rocky faces etc. often snow or rock with a non technical summit, it means that it is reached without need of certain climbing equipment.

in some cases hands must be used in the ascent for keep balance. and not to hold the body weight. however  it can mean negotiating lower angle rocks  and crossing streams , dense vengatation etc.

The Apu Picol mountain is located 10 km east of cusco city, the summit reach 4400 mt / 14 ,435 ft considered a sacred shrine into the Inca culture where ancient ceremonies were performed.

the scrambling route to Apu Picol ascent by the west face of mountain, it start near to Corao village, route is easy, good for novice scramblers and consist of a gentle slope cover  by dense vegetation andean grass, with rocky seccions at summit although reach summit is easy, 

during the Rainy season bad weather conditions could be dangerous because enviroment becomes cloudy, mist can disorient scramblers very quickly, rain also become grassland  really slippery. 

Ussually summit can be reached in 2 hours, the round trip takes about 5 hours. the perfect activity for a half day excurcion.

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Rock Climbing - Bouldering La Garganta

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One of The most popular crags between locals for bouldering is la Garganta, This small steep east facing crag, limestone of good quality is about 50 meters long and 10-12 meters height, surrounded by an eucalyptus forest, this wall is the perfect place to get started in rock climbing, for the variety of routes and difficulties. In addition caves and rock features in bottom for practice of traversing, and bouldering,  to develop technique and strength. Located at 25 min of Cusco city,  noted for its accessibility and proximity to the city,  There are countless beautiful limestone outcrops spread around this place.
Unfortunately this area is within the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman and sometimes there is the possibility of meeting with the guardians of the park, they will be asked to leave immediately the archaeological park. One of the proposals of our project is trying to establish a dialogue with the ministry of culture to achieve an agreement for use and mark areas for the practice of this growing outdoor sport.
This guide on line is an updated review with the best routes to climb in la garganta.

The Updated Routes
1. 6a
2. 6b
3. 6a-6a+
4. 6a-6a+
5. 6b+-6c
6. 6b-6b+
7. 6a-6a+
8. 6b-6b+
9. 6b-6c
10. 6a-6b
How to reach
The crag can also be reached via public transportation, 30/25 min driving north from Cusco, just take “Señor del Huerto” vans on Paradero del Mercado de Rosaspata, ask driver for Huayllarcocha village, you should  reach the village then follow 10 min the trail between Huayllarcocha village and the moon temple, south direction, once there at right side you should be able to see the crag.

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Apu Ausangate Mountain ice Climbing.

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Finally at June a dream come true, when a team of mountain guides and local mountaineers organized a 6 days mountaineering expedition to reach the Apu Ausangate summit at 6384m / 20944 ft. located 100 km south east  from Cusco. as the six people team were already acclimatized over 3500 meters, we decided to take the fastest access. 

First day expedition, We traveled by trucks about 5 hours to Hatun Chilca village. south cusco from there we walked 3 hours north to Andean lodge at Machurajay, we arrived at sunset and spent night there.
The second day we walked 5 hours north-east crossing the steep moraine to set the base camp 1 at 5200 m and prepare ourselves for the next day.
The The third day we tried to  reach Apu Ausangate summit by east face. we left camp 1 at dawn at 3 am, after 2 hours of climb a medium slope ice terrain, we found a 200 m vertical rock and ice wall called "the shield",  an 85 degrees technical slope full of mix parts and loose rock, 2 and a half hours later once on the upper part of the wall is set usually the camp 2, but we decided to continue through a quite long 3 km average snow slope until a big crevasse 120 m before summit, after cross it we continue by 75 degree slope until top of snow peak.
Reaching the summit.

June 12 2011 midday an amazing view wait for us, one remarkably moment into the mountaineers life, the summit of  the highest snow peak on Cusco, the fifth in Peru. We reach the Apu Ausangate summit 6384m / 20944 ft, after 8 hours of hard ice climbing and perfect weather. finally it took 5 hours to climb down to return base camp1. 
Day fourth we return to Andean Lodge at Machurajay for celebration, the fifth day we rested in the lodge and the sixth day we returned to Cusco .
Of course this is not a mountain for begginers, it is recommended have experience traversing glaciers, mix climbs on technical ice walls and an excelent phisical condition.

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